Neighbourhood Link

Neighbourhood Link is the Met's community messaging system, which is designed to improve communication between police Safer Neighbourhood Teams and the public. The system enables you to receive messages from, and send messages to, your Safer Neighbourhood Team, regarding local policing issues that are relevant to your interests and your area.

You can join different groups on topics that interest you and receive information relevant to those groups - such as Safer Neighbourhoods, local events, or business crime.

You can easily change your preferences, or unsubscribe if you no longer wish to receive the messages.

To ensure you receive messages relevant to your area, you need to register your postcode. You also have options to provide personal information, which enables the police to send messages, such as crime alerts, to a specific audience - e.g. based on your gender, religion, or ethnicity.

We will also limit the number of messages you receive to ensure that our communication with you is more meaningful. For more information you can read our privacy policy.

This is not a crime reporting system - if you want to report a crime, call 101, or do it online. If you need the police in an emergency call 999.

To subscribe to Neighbourhood Link, please enter your postcode, below, which will direct you to the sign-up form for your local area.

Please enter your postcode so we can send you relevant information: